5 Easy Changes to do Your Part for the Planet


1 – educate yourself, educate others:

In my opinion, the biggest problem we have with the state of our planet is – a lot of people are not educated on environmental issues or choose to ignore them or believe things that suit them to believe. If you’re reading this, obviously you are already a person that educates themselves…and that’s the problem – only those who already care tend to read more on the subject. Help those who are hard to persuade by exposing them to simple statistics and information they can begin to understand. Never stop posting important environmental news on your social media, don’t stop having frustrating arguments with people who have a different mentality. Show them, teach them, be patient.

2 – buy without plastic:

Does everything have to be wrapped in plastic? Especially bananas…definitely NOT. What’s wrong with bringing your own containers / plastic bags to the store and measuring out exactly how much you need? NOTHING. It actually helps you avoid overspending and making a mess in your cabinets with expired produce that will become a waste of money when thrown away. Even if you throw your plastic into a recycling bin afterwards it’s not an excuse. First of all, it will probably not get recycled, as most recycling companies only take plastic bottles, glass containers and magazines/newspapers. Secondly, recycling takes energy. Bring your own bags to the store and refuse plastic whenever possible.

3 – shop consciously:

Not only does it save you money, but it casts an important vote to the manufacturers – I want this because it’s local/organic/eco/vegan/grass fed/free range/fair trade etc. When you are buying things that are not, you are saying: “Make more of this garbage”. Don’t buy what you don’t need. Buy used. Fix things. Invest in better quality products. Don’t give your money to companies who contribute to global problems. Which is pretty much all fashion companies (ha ha), even if conscious. Just…think before giving your money.

4- walk:

It’s fantastic exercise. Some say better than running. And it will save your gas and the planet. If it’s an hour (there and back) walk to wherever you’re going – you really don’t need the car. Most Americans drive even when something is a mile or two away. Come on! And leave that elevator alone…it takes energy – don’t forget that, get moving up those stairs! Walking is amazing for your body, brain, nervous system and everyone around you. Less traffic, less pollution, less stress, more beauty.

5 – use sparingly:

Be mindful when using washing up products, shampoo, dishwashers, dryers etc. Save yourself money and save us from the polution in the water and air that’s causing cancer and other diseases. Nothing wrong with drying your clothes in the sun, if you can.

Thank you for reading this and doing your part. No effort is too small.


Did I Stay Vegan for a Month?


The short answer is – No. At least you can expect honesty from me. However, I have been lying to myself, pretending I was sticking to the diet if nobody saw me twEAT about it. Yes, I fully admit that I felt the need to put some inappropriate things in my mouth during this month (feel free to make jokes below:)…but here come the excuses:

– I didn’t really want to go fully vegan. I wasn’t mentally ready. I think you can only do it if you find out as much as you can about this lifestyle and consciously decide – this is what you want 

– I am constantly tempted (work with top chefs/go to amazing restaurants), and I have a massive problem with resisting temptation

– frankly, I don’t want the vegan option when I’m in my favourite restaurant

– in the whole month I only broke the pledge like 5 times…ok a bit more…but it was more like a nibble, rather than ordering meat/dairy/eggs – I really haven’t…

– it’s been challenging, as I got weak, I was unimaginative with cooking and needed supplements (not all vegans do) so I drank my Reliv and felt good again 

The good thing is…

– I lost all the weight I wanted in week 1

– I discovered I have far more self control than I thought I had 

– I know vegan is the only way – honestly, it’s the best way to eat guys. Organic, vegan diet with as much alive (raw) nutrients and w/o the bad stuff allowed to vegans like white flour and processed sugar

– at the end of this month, even though I was 90% vegan – my skin looks amazing, I’m happy (this may be due to the fact that I moved/coached myself), I’m slim and feel good (except the throat infection I’m nursing atm)

– when you kick the massive addiction we have to meat, dairy, sugar – you don’t want it anymore. You realise it’s just crack…we don’t really like carcass or breast-milk designed for another species…we’re simply addicted to it (think about it – a cow produces casein, heroin like substance, designed to keep the calf close)

– Barcelona wasn’t as challenging as I thought it would be…day 1 I found an organic vegetarian stall in the market! Problem solved

– I will definitely cary on trying to be vegan, even though I cannot yet proudly call myself a vegan yet…but my vote at the supermarket is – “the consumer wants vegan, organic produce – without your poisonous pesticides and without torture”

– now the challenge is to become that consumer in restaurants as well…and maybe not for you, but for me it’s a real challenge, which I will continue working on 

– I learnt a lot and managing to open the eyes of others on what we should be putting in our bodies…

…but this guy does it a lot better than me. 

Please take ONE hour of your time (easily spend on facebook doing nothing of any importance) to change your life and possibly the lives of others, as well as take care of our planet and other species that live on it…watch this video, educate your selves on what your brain has been programmed to think and what the reality is – exit the matrix 🙂 

Disclaimer – some scenes may be unbearable to some…they were to me…I don’t want to traumatise anyone, so I warned you, BUT this is so interesting, inspiring, funny at times, and completely mind blowingly eye opening…please watch and share…

Much love to you all xx

BEST SPEECH EVER: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UROxRLbVils

Uh-oh…An Argument FOR Meat


When first thinking about going vegan, a really fit personal trainer of mine told me that meat is necessary and as long as you eat the organic stuff from the “good” farms – you’re cool.

I wanted a butt like hers, so this threw me off my trail for a bit, since I never really wanted to be vegan.

However, at Vegan Pledge I discovered that – organic, free range and humane…is all pretty much total crap.

The official standards which were given in order to be able to sport those labels, are not in fact, humane…just something to pacify the activists and trick the consumers. Chickens only get a little bit more room and they still don’t hang out in pastures, organic – doesn’t mean the animals were fed what they should be fed OR treated well. Humane is also apparently not a way WE would want to be treated in…so what’s HUMANE about it? It’s not how you would treat a human…

I watched a program that showed how pigs are butchered, and TBH it looked really fast. A vegan would ask – would YOU like to die that way? And this is a really morbid topic, but I think it has to be addressed…of all the ways to die – being in pain of a shock for half a second – to me, doesn’t seem that bad and anyone who knows me will confirm – I have the lowest pain tolerance ever.

The question is – do these animals get treated well through their lives…because, not only should we not support bad treatment by buying that sort of meat, but it’s also it’s really important not to put their stress and bad diet in YOUR body.

Now, while I was committed to my Vegan Pledge, I also watched a movie, that talks about the best human diet. The people who were acting in this documentary, did not inspire confidence due to the fact that their voices just sounded patronising. This made me wonder if this film has been sponsored by the dwindling meat industry.

Another point about this movie is – they kept calling stuff Human Food / Not Human Food. Examples of non human food – dairy, grains, anything processed. I have a big problem with grains not being human food…yes, gluten is bad for some people, but I must do more research on that/watch the film again, as I don’t understand why beans and oatmeal are bad, which is something my PT was saying as well.

I liked a lot of points in the movie however…they made sense. The guy spoke to a lot of dietary scientists, nutritionists from the biggest universities and archaeologists etc who all said – humans only became humans with the intelligence we posses now…because homosapiens started spreading north and for lack of vegetation started eating meat. It was a vital part of our brain development.

Don’t know about you…but makes sense to me.

It made me think I was going to get the dumbs, if I stopped eating it…but then I remembered…there are plenty of vegans who are extremely intelligent, and also don’t get cancer or heart disease…and if they eat the right vegan diet – no diabetes as well.

If you think that we should be eating meat because we have been since the dawn of time…remember: It’s not the pristine reindeer running around in pre-historic times, it’s not even a Babe slaughtered on a farm after a happy life…it’s an animal that was conceived in stress, carried in stress with bad diet (imagine a pregnant woman being tortured…how well will her baby turn out?), born in stress, separated from its mother – further stress, lived in torture, dark, faeces, crammed in crap conditions, fed crap food…not even food really, garbage and poison in some cases, kicked around, killed…and then you put THAT in your body. Not ok to support that by buying it and not ok to feed it to yourself and especially not to your kids…but people do.

My OPINION / SOLUTION / POINT: If you’re not ready to give up meat, at least MAKE SURE it’s from a farm where animals really do have a happy life and are fed good things, aren’t stressed out and killed in a quick and relatively painless way. …Oh boy am I going to get a lot of backlash for this… I know they exist because I lived in a village, in Ukraine, where people and animals co-exist in a peaceful, healthy way. Do your research. Also, I think…most farms that make ANY sort of an effort to be better…are already pretty much good. I think so because the people who are selling us mass produced carcass at Tesco (for instance) are fucking evil and their consumer is ignorant. The one’s who are trying to make a difference to their standards are much better people, much less about the money, because if they were – they would mass produce – it’s cheaper and makes them rich. It is not easy, cheap or more profitable to be an organic farmer these days – these guys are champs!

source: http://rense.com/general20/meant.htm

film: http://www.perfecthumandiet.us/

Vegans, Be Cool


It’s been a week since I took Vegan Pledge and I’m happy to report I’m really glad I did. Not only have I already lost the weight that was making me depressed, I discovered that I actually have self control…which I always said I didn’t.

Even though I was off to a rocky start, I managed to avoid further temptation simply by making a decision to stick to the plan and see how I feel/look in a month.

One thing that was really unexpected is that I lost my appetite. Appetite for what? You would say. Yes, vegan diet isn’t particularly mouth-watering, no matter how many vegans tell you it is. Veggies are just not going to provoke the same reaction as you would have to addictive stuff such as burgers, mac and cheese or anything with sugar or cream…yes sugar is vegan, but as our funny man/vegan GP Dr. Mike would say – that’s a BAAAAD vegan diet!

So, appetite disappeared…to me that’s a good thing, as I’m always stuffing my face…especially if there’s cookies around. According to my know-it-all dad – the less you eat the less you want to eat. Awesome…Barcelona Bikini Body here I come.

I can’t believe this, but I totally nailed the challenges this week. I was at Amaranto in the Four Seasons on Wednesday and just ordered and ate fattoush (middle-eastern salad with bread crisps) and some tomato tapas. Can’t say I wouldn’t rather have meat, but I didn’t even look at the rest of the menu.

On Thursday my date wanted to eat so I suggested my favourite place in Soho – Pitt Cue’s…it’s a BBQ restaurant. I had no idea how I was going to handle it. The smell was intoxicating…the food looked amazing as always…but all I ate was the mash and the bread…and I was fine. Especially because he was really sweet and kept telling me the steak was horrible. So horrible the plate was clean as a whistle. Cute.

On Friday I was at Secret Cinema. Amazing. They had 3 options for dinner – steak, pork, mushroom risotto. I had the latter. Simples.

When you go out, vegans keep telling you to call ahead and ask the chef to prepare something for you. First of all, they will charge you whatever they want for that. Secondly, do we HAVE TO make such a big fuss over our dietary choice? Yes, I encourage it and happy to talk about why I’m doing it – benefits to your body, environment and all living things and all that…but do we always have to tell everyone we’re vegan? No.

I realise it’s ironic, as I’m writing a blog post about it, but like I said – I advertise it, but I don’t think it’s necessary to make a fuss. For instance I felt like saying – I wonder if they’ll have something for me to eat here…but I didn’t and they did have something for me to eat, no one questioned why I didn’t pick pork or whatever. No conversation had to happen about why I’m a vegan and I felt empowered about the fact that I kept my mouth figuratively shut, as I was about the fact that no animal was hurt in the production of my dinner.

I think being vegan is amazing, and let me put it out there – yes, at the moment – I think we should all be vegan, although I’m still considering both sides of the argument, I think everything and everyone would be better for it.  However, until we all educate ourselves about why it’s best…no one is just going to come to this realisation on their own because we were programmed to eat the way we eat, and it doesn’t make us bad people. It makes us uneducated, ignorant and a bit selfish, because often we don’t want to know why we shouldn’t eat other species.

I’m at my folks right now, and my step mom, for instance, is driving me mad. She refuses to acknowledge that I’m vegan for a month. Even though she knows perfectly well what a vegan is, since my dad is one…the other day she made fish and looked at me like that aunt from My Big Fat Greek Wedding – “Wot you mean you don’t eat no meat? OK I make lamb”. Then she was surprised I didn’t want any ice cream…and keeps rolling her eyes at me when I say I can’t eat something…but then exclaims “Why are you eating THAT?!” when I pick up a cookie. “It’s ok…it has no butter, egg or milk listed in the ingredients” I say. Trying to catch people at making mistakes when they’re trying to do something good – is very shitty of you. Let’s just put it out there. Then she told me that all she sees me eat is bananas and they’re going to make me fat…aaaaaaaarrrrrrrgggggggghhhhhhh YES lets do that one again people – fruit makes you fat…bullshit…especially so because if you don’t eat it,  you’re going to eat all sorts of other crap instead.

People who haven’t read about it, think they understand what it means…but they don’t. Just read something, THEN you can have an opinion that’s based on knowledge at least…and possibly stop poisoning your body and avoid hospitals and drugs.

I recommend Quantum Wellness by Kathy Freston. One easy to read book on how to be happy and healthy from mind to body to soul. Explains all about why dairy is more harm than good, as well as eggs and of course meat.

Lastly, I want to thank angelic Susanna Cohen, who after she saw that I was writing about my worries/temptations invited me to a vegan dinner to show how much tasty food you can make at home. She says she’s starting to cook 2 days in advance…we need more people like that in the world.

One more thought…vegans, you need to get cooler…I saw way too many hippies at the pledge. That’s an anti-ad for this lifestyle…if you want to dress like a hobo, that’s your prerogative of course, but I say let’s try to glam it up a bit…it would make other people more susceptible to what you’re saying…and I know for a fact you want everyone to hear what you’re saying…it’s like air to a vegan. You can’t argue that, because at the pledge, for some reason, 50% of people were already vegan. Why are they there? To talk “sense” into others of course.

Case in “cool” point Amico Bio and Saf – very stylish, not expensive, but cool restaurants…show that not every vegan eatery needs to be a hut catering to dread locks and Birkenstock. Think Madonna, Demi Moore, Brad Pitt and stunning Oliva Wilde.

Oh yeah, and the whole – how are you going to get your vitamins – thing. You don’t get them anyway. Drink Reliv and all your health issues will be solved. The end. Talk to me about it, if you want to try it.

Anyway, I’m slim, happy and look good after just a week…living proof vegan is a good idea.

Ducking Hell


TBH…I didn’t know what Vegan Pledge is. I just said yes to an event a friend invited me to b/c I saw the words – vegan, goodie bag and lunch…in the initial e-mail. As always, I was too busy to even think what ‘pledge’ meant.

So, yeah, it’s going vegan for a month…which I was happy to commit to, as I’ve been wanting to for the last couple of years after I read all about the “benefits” of meat, fish, dairy, eggs and other stuff that does more harm than so-called good.

The problem is…to commit to something like that you have to actually want to. And I don’t. I love food. Food and music are the only things that make me happy at the moment. I work with chefs and go to amazing restaurants for work…so abstaining from things that make me happy…doesn’t make me happy at all.

However, I am doing this for a month for 3 reasons:

1 – I need to get healthier and loose some winter depression weight
2 – It’s selfish to kill animals for my eating pleasure…and ignorant to assume that it’s done in a humane way b/c I choose organic and free range…as discovered free-range is bullshit anyway
3 – It has a positive impact on the environment and I’m all about that

I have one challenge, which I think I’m going to use as an excuse to take a vacation from the pledge – 4 days in Barcelona. For one, I don’t get to choose where we go, as it’s a bachelorette party trip. Secondly, I am staying at the Mandarin Oriental on my last night and there’s a Michelin star restaurant…which I might just have to visit.

To help me stick to the diet I decided to publicise what I eat / make…because I tend to pretend I didn’t eat something, if nobody saw me.

So let me disclose right away…I’ve already fallen off the wagon twice. And it’s been two days… fudge.

The day I came home from the pledge, I found a plate of food waiting for me and it contained one forbidden ingredient – duck spring rolls. I love duck spring rolls! How…tell me…how on earth was I supposed to resist that? Especially because I was hungry!

I ate them and then pretended that I didn’t. By that I mean tweeting about going vegan. Shame on me.

The following day I was at a private event in a really cool, new London bar that was yet to open…they were serving canapes with grilled cheese and roast beef…I love roast beef…it was nice, juicy and pink…as it’s supposed to be. It all smelled amazing.

I didn’t have any of it. The waiters kept shoving it under my nose and I had none of it. Why? No…not self control. I don’t have any. I really don’t. It was the fact that I stuffed myself with pop corn, fruit and a roast veg sandwich at Pret while working earlier.

So, the key is – don’t be hungry.

I also made a mistake of explaining to someone that I’ve taken the pledge to be vegan for a month. That also provoked a whole range of jokes from one nameless chef, who proceeded to question my sanity all night. But that didn’t bother me…what bothered me is that I already fudge up earlier in the day…

I was in a very nice Covent Garden restaurant…eating lovely tomato soup and gorgeous green salad WHEN……..a hair! Tam dum duuuuum!

Not a big deal actually, cause I always get hair in my food…which makes me think we all do, you guys just eat it and not notice it…cause I seriously get it so often, it makes me think it’s all over the place.

Naturally, I told the waiter about it and he gave me free desert.

None of the deserts on the menu were vegan.

Ok, sorbet was…but COME ON! I’m not gona eat that stuff. Besides, it was cold.

So I ordered tiramisu.

It was worth it.

Ok, now that I think about the way a cow was milked to get that cream, no…it wasn’t worth it. Sorry cow….I’ll do better next time…just because it was a freebie, I won’t choose to vote “Ok to torture cows for my cream”.

So there…I’m off to a rocky start…but I now I will take the pledge a lot more seriously.

Challenge this week – my meat-licker date……is it just me, or does this date sound dirty?

…anyway I will just order a salad…like a typical girl…and sit there hating it, while he’s loving his bloody steak. I can just see myself hating life, like my cat did, when I was 8 and my mom and I were in Hare Krishna and our cat had to eat potatoes, peas and carrots every day.

Speaking of steak. At the pledge, I asked the nutritionist if she thought genetically engineered meat was going to be bad for you also…and the whole room seemed be giving me the evil eye. The GP asked people to raise hands if they wouldn’t eat it, and half the room raised their hands…but let’s be fair, those people are already off the meat addiction that the rest of us have. Anyway, I didn’t get my answer…probably because nobody knows yet. But I did have a woman turn to me and ask if I mean Quorn………no I don’t mean Quorn you freakin quack! It doesn’t exist yet….Quorn….LOL.

A couple of things I eat that are vegan – which might give you guys some ideas:

– organic oatmeal in the morning with banana and whatever else is around that fits…like blueberries etc.

I used to put honey in there, but apparently vegans don’t eat honey. Which I find annoying since it’s so amazingly good for you, and like the ONLY sweet thing I’m allowed to eat…since sugar = ageing + cancer.

Yeah, honey is apparently stressful for the bees. I will research that and write about it later.

– The other thing I made is a vegan wrap…I just took a tortilla bread, smeared in some hummus and added whatever veggies I found in the fridge – salad leaves, tomatoes, and roasted some mushrooms and peppers…it was delicious.

So far…day 3…all vegan…even when a shrimp pot-sticker was shoved on my plate. Didn’t eat it.

I’m pretty depressed and angry today. Not hungry…but like…I’m bored with the work that I’m doing and it’s bloody cold and raining in the middle of may, people are pissing me off…just generally ducked off.

Stay tuned for more recipes…and to see if this diet is going to drive me to murder or actually make me fluffier in the end.

World’s 1st Allergen-Free Beauty Products

I was tweeting about trying to become a vegan, when Premae Skincare asked me if I wanted to review their products.

First of all, I am a big believer in aromatherapy. When I smell something I like, it instantly relaxes me, and that always does you good. The moisturiser Premae sent me smelled like delicious lemongrass. Whenever peoople are around me when I put it on, they always ask me if I just lit a candle. It also looked like hard wax, but went on perfectly easy and absorbed very well.

The brand operates a strict disciplinary approach to production and manufacturing process. All of our ingredients are 100% Vegan and natural and unrefined, exceeding Organic standards. It’s the first 100% allergen-free focused wellbeing line.

The packaging is recycled and you can up cycle used canisters, by buying refills at a cheaper price accompanied by discounts and complimentary samples. For recycling jars, customers receive a £3 voucher when they send their empties back to Premae.

By choosing to source their core ingredients from the original source, Premae reduce third party contamination, wastage and guarantee the highest level of purity which is a benefit to your skins positive development.

But it doesn’t only benefit you and the planet…their strong link with the villages in Uganda, where Premae source their Cocoa Butter and Aloe Vera has blossomed into a full social enterprise, solidified a training programme called ‘Premae Soap Success’ which teaches the poorest and vulnerable young people who to manufacture their own products and provides an income for their entire community.

Now ask yourself…is there a better beauty product you can buy?

Art for Environment

Past work – Chris Drury, Rhine Mosel Slate Whirlpool, 2008

You’re cordially invited to witness the biggest exhibition in the history of London’s oldest botanic garden. Pertaining to Things Natural, a major outdoor sculpture show, opens on 10 July at Chelsea Physic Garden. The exhibition, a collaboration between Art Happens and Chelsea Physic Garden, presents monumental sculptural works, ephemeral land art projects and delicate interventions by over twenty leading artists: Owen Bullett, James Capper, Annie Cattrell, Jo Coupe, Joe Currie, Judith Dean, Chris Drury, Tessa Farmer, James P Graham, Greyworld, Tim Knowles, Tania Kovats, Keith Rand, Peter Randall-Page, William Peers, Michael Shaw, Ward & Wright, Julian Wild, Hugo Wilson and David Worthington.

10 July – 31 October 2012
Included in admission is the price to Chelsea Physic Garden £9/£6

Artistic Strategies and the Environment
Research, Workshops and Presentations, Chelsea Physic Garden
Monday 8 October, 2012, 10am – 4pm
Conference to consider creative responses to environmental issues
In collaboration with Art happens, Eden Lab and Eden Project

Curator’s Tour and al fresco supper
Monday 15 October, 5-8.30pm 2012
Curator’s Tour and supper at Tangerine Dream Café,
Tickets £35 (£30 for Friends of Chelsea Physic Garden).
Part of the Chelsea Festival.
Email Friends@chelseaphysicgarden.co.uk to book places.

Always Bee Prepared

Usually when people complain to me about anything health related the first thing I ask is if they’re taking supplements. You can’t get away just by eating “healthy” these days. You simply cannot ingest enough of everything you need during the day to prevent diseases as well as take care of existing problems, as well as fight off the damage from all that “healthy” stuff you eat.

First of all if you’re not eating organic – you’re not eating healthy, even if it’s a tomato. Because you’re ingesting pesticides. Secondly meat, flour, dairy and sugar, even if organic or free range – cause inflammation and trigger the potential for cancer, heart disease and diabetes. Thirdly if you’re not eating raw, whole (unprocessed) foods – you’re not eating anything that heals, reverses the ageing process or benefits you very much.

You’re going to say, “What CAN I eat then?!” I’m not gona lie, not very much. I say it too…everyday. Raw does not sit with me very well. All you can do – is your best, make steps forward. But in the meantime…there’s supplements. They will help your body deal with it’s problems AND keep the potential ones away.

One of the brands I recommend is Unbeelieavable. Here’s why:

  • They use ingredients of the highest quality which are naturally sourced.
  • They’re highly concentrated so you need less.
  • They’ve won multiple awards and Gwyneth Paltrow put her name behind them (not as an endorser).
  • They also work on raising the awareness of the dangerous problem which is the decline of bees.
  • They have a low carbon footprint.
  • They deliver vitamins to children in need.
  • Their supplements are based on propolis, which is an anti-inflamatory (since the meat/dairy you eat causes inflammation and in turn pain…you need this).
  • They contain elderberry, which is a strong anti-oxidant and high in vitamin C, which is the vit we need the most. As you all must know, it strengthens the immune system.
  • Elderberry, olive leaf extract, Reishi mushroom and Astaxanthin (algae), (other compounds in these supplements) have anti-histamine…which means it helps ward off your allergies, like hay fever and more.
  • Beta 1,3-1,6 Glucans in Unbeelieavable work like a vaccine, without overstimulating the immune system. It’s all about balance.
  • Ironically, Reishi mushrooms in Unbeelieavable actually have anti-fungal properties too!

Get some here

Yum Yum, Thank You Mom!

There’s no better cook than your mother. And by mother I mean mother earth. While attempting to complete my transformation to vegan I came across Landgarten organic snacks. Still not sure if Vegan is the only way…because I’m currently coming across a few contradicting theories, all of which make sense…one thing remains clear – sugar is evil. Which means kicking my very serious habit, which in turn means – it’s a process. So, these guys couldn’t have appeared to me at a better time. Still providing me with some organic chocolate for my addiction…they covered things I need to learn to like…pumkin seeds, soy beans and goji berries. Let’s get a couple of things out of the way real quick…

1 – Sugar = cancer + ageing

2 – Chocolate = love + detox…BUT if often includes sugar…so, use your head. Eat dark chocolate, 70% cocoa or more…and if you have to, then make it more of a rare treat…as in, was when it was first discovered.

REMEMBER: Just because something is good for you, doesn’t mean it’s not also bad for you…and if it’s also bad…steer clear. Find the same goodness in things that are just good. It’s not hard to switch to good fuel, I’m doing it and I used to think I had no willpower at all. Plus I’m actually enjoying the good stuff now…even exercise. We’re all just under a veil of addiction to the bad stuff that we think tastes good, the wool that the food industry managed to pull over our eyes over the years, causing us more diseases, which in turn make us dependent on drugs. And don’t get me started on the pharmaceutical industry.

3 – Soy is not a bad thing. Soy is a great thing, especially for women. It fights a lot of our feminine problems and growth of cancer cells. As long as it’s organic and not over indulged in. If you take organic soy based supplement like I do (Reliv) and replaced milk with organic soy milk (like I do), and sometimes indulge in yummy crunchy Landgarten soy beans as a snack…that should probably be it.

Back to Landgarten, they initially specialised in GMO free organic soya bean and pumpkin seed (which has incredible powers) snacks with all seeds and beans being grown on their own farms. They developed a unique and patented method to roast the beans and seeds using hot clean air with no additional oil or fat. I like their quote: “Planted with care and cultivated under our watchful eye in accordance with the rigorous criteria required by certified organic farming methods. So it is no wonder that our garden’s harvest is more abundant than anywhere else – measured not in quantity, but rather in the natural energy our delicious snack foods hold.” Let’s not forget how delicious everything they do is…freeze dried strawberries in dark chocolate – got to be my favourite, but I also love that I actually ate goji berries…just because they’re cleverly covered in chocolate…I wonder if I’d eat anything covered in dark chocolate? It’s late…don’t judge me, those who know me, know I’m a large bit lunar.

Instead, more wisdom from Landgarten: “Foods that are good for us don’t often taste very good. For that reason, we developed a very unique roasting method that makes our soybeans and seeds taste even better. Our patented, fat-free, and especially gentle method uses hot air to roast our beans and seeds, locking all of the nutrients inside and making their pure aroma a must-taste experience.”

On that note…enough writing…buy, eat, judge for yourself. This is exactly the kind of thing you want to put in your body. And if you’re already a much more powerful individual then me…opt for the chocolate-less, delicious seeds…which are undoubtedly best. Stay healthy, young and beautiful my darlings!

Stores in London (for worldwide check out their site).

http://www.planetorganic.com – London store & online
http://www.wholefoodsmarket.com – London & US